☆ MAMACITA album Event! Stream online to win a version A album!

(There is a special extra giveaway for tumblr users! Do read the tumblr giveaway section!)

Hello everyone! I decided to give away some MAMACITA albums to ELF that deserve to have them! Are you interested on getting an album? Until now I am thinking on giving away around 3 or 4 albums. I will make a lottery out of the people that enters the event! Only 1 or 2 will have a photocard, so read carefully ​the rules! 



You have to send proof that you streamed MAMACITA on Korean music sites at least 100 times. This means you have to send 100 (yes, one hundred) captures of your computer screen or screen shot of your mobile as a compressed file to my email: bluebada13@gmail.com 

*It is okay to send pictures from only one site (example, just Genie), but those who send from several different sites will enter to the lottery for the album with photocard. Those who use only Genie will get an album without a photocard.  

*Exception rule for Genie users: since Genie provides information on how many streams you have left, if you send number 99, the next picture should be 89, and I will count the 2 proof shots as 10. However, you have to send the full shot when you stream number is 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. This means that instead of sending 100 captures shots of Genie, you only need to send 15. 

*REMEMBER THAT all sites count streaming only 1 per hour, but if you have UNLIMITED STREAM package you can stream continously and it will be counted multiple times in Gaon chart. This means that if you are using Genie, I will CHECK the time and there must be at least 10 hour difference from capture to capture!  

*I know some might have already streamed for a long time already, but I will accept proof shots that were taken only FROM TODAY. That means that if your Genie stream cupon is up to 30 right now, you will need another cupon to fill up the 70. Contact @NKSUBS twitter for more codes.  

*If you send the equivalent for 200 streams, you will enter twice to the lottery!  


To those who reblog this post at least 2 times in different dates will enter a lottery to win a special SJ goods! I won’t announce the prize until I decide the deadline!


-It probably will be around the end of Mamacita promotions, so start taking your captures now!  


WINNERS will be announced after I decide a deadline! All the albums will be sent by normal postage without tracking number, those who wants EMS would have to pay separately~ 


I will check all the pictures that are sent to me. Please note that I will check time and date. If you are thinking on cheating changing times and dates…….. 





If I see you cheating or changing times you will be automatically disqualified!!!  



MELON: http://bluebelly.fr/how-to-buy-from-melon-with-your-iphone-ipad/

DAUM : music.daum.net/album/main?alb // tutorial to register in daum unsungbyul.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/tut

GENIE: http://blog.naver.com/love0sadie/220111652286

SORIBADA: http://lovemblaq4ever.blogspot.com.br/ 

OTHER SITES: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/366083/tut-tutorials-for-monkey3-naver-cyworld-melon-dosirak-bugs 

(I will update with the other tutorials latter~!) 


QUESTIONS can be made directly to bluebada13@gmail.com or to my twitter account @bluebada_ 

I won’t reply to questions that are asking for something written in the post, so if you don’t get an answer, read again.  


Please pass out the information to all your ELF friends that would like to participate! Let’s support SJ and Mamacita~~ ♡

I don’t understand what’s going on but Donghae seems to be enjoying it…

eunhyuk and shindong imitating kyuhyun’s let’s go step